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TERRAFINE THERMAL PAINT is an elastomeric resin-based, contains special vacuum microspheres, have vapor-permeability, water-based, a low thermal conductivity, high sunlight absorbency, and high surface heat transmission value. Its activity is scientifically proved special insulating paint which provides the thermal and water insulation in the interior and exterior facades. It provides energy savings to buildings of up to 40% depending on the application layers number in heating and cooling energy costs. When the TERRAFINE THERMAL PAINT with special vacuum microspheres is used as interior wall paint, it reflects the radiant heat generated inside to the interior environment, and when it is used on the exterior, the incoming radiant heat is reflected back to the outside. When used on roofs, it reflects a minimum 80% of the sun's rays thanks to its ceramic-reinforced formula. While the water never passes from the film surface applied Isonem Thermal Paint, the moisture inside the building evaporates away from the structure. PROPERTIES:· Radiont heat proof.· Saves up to 40% energy.· Applicable to internal and external surfaces.· Labor costs are low and easy to apply.· It prevents the formation of moisture and mold in the wall.· It has water and sound insulation feature.· It has late flammability and nonflammability.