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ACRYLIC EMULSION BASED CONCENTRATE PRIMER, water-based, one component, transparent, suitable using for inner and outer surfaces is a universal primer. FEATURESIt penetrates the surface very well. By preparing a strong surface, it connects the top coat paint to the surface, reduces the paint consumption and reduces the water absorbency of the plasters. It is a primer that also has a high adhesion performance in water-based waterproofing materials and wall putty applications. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSDensity (25°C, g/mL): 1,00 ± 0,10pH (25°C): 7.0 – 9.0 Viscosity (25°C, mPa.s): 8000 - 10000Solid content (% Weight): 50 ± 2Water transmission rate (kg/ m2. h0,5): < 0,1 CLASS W3Adhesion strength by pull-off test (N/mm2): Crack bridging flexible systems without trafficking ≥ 0.8, with trafficking ≥ 1.5 N/mm²