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How To Choose The Right Gypsum Plastering Company?

By Admin 14 November 2022

When you own a construction company, choosing the right gypsum plastering service provider is crucial to ensure a lucrative business and quality service. Read the blog to know the tips to choose the right plastering service provider for your business. 

How to choose the right plastering company for your building?

When it comes to choosing the right plastering service for a building, the confusion is real. Whether you are looking for plastering buildings for use as hospitals, educational institutions, government operations, apartments, villas, and so on, understanding the basics of plastering helps. Firstly, it is important to decide on the choice of material you would want to use for plastering the building. Then, you should list the plastering service providers in the area. Finally, you shall work out to find a company that offers competitive cost, and holds expertise in plastering. 

The blog is an attempt to help builders, construction companies, and other stakeholders involved in the construction to choose the right plastering type and an appropriate plastering company for your building. 

What are the types of plaster?

Lime plaster

Cement plaster

Gypsum plaster

Stucco plaster

Lime Plaster

Lime Plasters remain one of the oldest kinds of plaster in use across the world. Lime plaster is obtained by mixing slaked lime and sand in the ratio of either 1:2 or 1:3. Water is then added to the plaster to obtain a fine mix. 

Cement Plaster

Cement plaster is prepared by mixing portland cement, sand, and water. The cement and sand ratio in the mixture varies from 3:1 to 8:1. The ratio is varied depending on the purpose and kind of plaster application. A commonly observed problem with cement plaster is that it requires water curing for 15-21 days from the date of application. The resulting surface is also not very smooth and often it is cracked. So, PoP punning is required to smoothen the plaster surface and prepare it for painting. 

Beyond all these direct impacts, the cement industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions at the global level. 

Did you know that

The cement industry accounts for more than 8% of carbon dioxide emissions across the world.

So, builders and construction companies are increasingly preferring to use alternative plasters like gypsum plasters for their buildings. 

Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster has evolved to be a sustainable alternative to cement plasters and other kinds of plasters available in the market. Gypsum is a naturally occurring substance and is found in lake and sea beds. Gypsum is a miraculous material and has several advantages over cement plasters when it comes to savings in cost, time, and resources consumed. They produce a smooth finish and so do not require a PoP application before painting. Gypsum plasters are fire resistant, have lower thermal conductivity, and have low plastering weight. So, gypsum plasters are increasingly preferred for use in all high-rise buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, historic buildings, etc. where the wear and tear are relatively higher. 

Stucco Plaster

Stucco plasters are used to plaster exterior walls. Stucco plasters produce a decorative effect and finish on the wall. It is done in two methods- 1 coat method and 3 coat method. 

Because of the miraculous advantages that gypsum plasters hold when compared to other types of plastering materials, gypsum plasters are increasingly preferred for use in construction. 

The following section elaborates on how one should choose the right gypsum plastering service provider for a building project. 

How to choose the right gypsum plastering service provider?


Gypsum plastering requires some amount of experience. So, the first thing you must consider when choosing a gypsum plastering service provider is to check for the experience that the company holds in gypsum plastering. Experienced gypsum plastering service providers know how to achieve the desired result and quality. They are usually familiar with gypsum plastering strategies and techniques they need to follow. Kanish Plasters holds a rich experience of being in the gypsum plastering field for more than 5 years or so. We adopt innovative strategies we have learned over time to achieve the desired quality and outcome. 

Cost of plastering

Cost plays a key role in deciding the right gypsum plastering service provider for your building. Every company has its own price estimations, so it is important to evaluate the cost of plastering before choosing a plastering service provider for your building. At Kanish Plasters, the leading gypsum plastering service provider in India, we help builders save more than Rs.40 per sq. ft. Our prices are very competitive and we offer some of the lowest-cost gypsum plastering services in the industry.

Reviews and ratings

Before choosing a gypsum plastering service provider, evaluate their profile. Look up how customers and clients have rated them on Google, social media profiles, and other sites. Choose a gypsum plastering company that has a good rating and reputation in the field. This is a straightforward way to understand the credibility of the company. Kanish Plasters has always been rated 5* by our customers. This signifies the quality of our gypsum plastering service. 

Check out our ratings here

Timely service

Completing the service within the deadlines is more important than other factors when it comes to plastering. Check for the track record of the gypsum plastering service provider. Choose a gypsum plastering company that is known for completing the service within the stipulated timeline. Read through the testimonials and feedback. 

Timely service forms the cornerstone of our gypsum plastering offering. About 99% of our projects have been completed well ahead of schedule and within stipulated timelines. 

Skills and experience of the team

The quality of gypsum plastering depends on the skills, capabilities, and competencies of the professionals involved in gypsum plastering. Look out for their expertise and experience in gypsum plastering. You must also try and understand if they are competent enough to handle the tools and equipment. Making a thorough assessment of all these aspects would help you make a decision on the plastering service provider for all your construction projects. 

At Kanish Plasters, all our professionals are highly equipped with the skills and capabilities to offer high-quality gypsum plastering to our clients. We hire professionals with expertise and experience in the field. 

Check for the portfolio

Before hiring a gypsum plastering service provider, check for their portfolio. Do a thorough analysis of their previous works. Kanish Plasters has experience in serving more than 1 crore sq. ft. plastering area covering a broad range of construction projects ranging from educational institutions, hospitals, and hotels to villas and apartments. We also hold experience in serving government buildings like the ISRO propulsion plant at Mahendragiri.